Connected Home –intelligent network

Connected Home Group

"Connected Home" from ELKATHERM is an intelligent network solution for more comfort, safety and energy efficiency in the home. It comes with a wide range of components for installation in the house that are controlled with the "TYDOM" app from any smartphone or tablet. As the components are networked with each other, the system automatically performs important routine tasks, such as opening the roller shutters and switching on the lights in the event of an alarm signal from a smoke detector. In such a case, the smoke detectors communicate with each other and switch to alarm mode, protecting your home for extra peace of mind.


Connected Home router

For monitoring and controlling the room temperature, lighting, roller shutters and alarm system status from a smartphone or tablet. The router supports control based on user-defined home comfort scenarios.

Standard wireless transmitter with display

Connected Home standard wireless transmitter

Adjustment of setpoint temperatures; display of ambient temperature, air humidity and power consumption. The transmitter can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall, and can also be operated without a router.


Programmable wireless thermostat

Connected Home programmable wireless thermostat

Flat digital thermostat for timer-controlled room temperature adjustment. Supports programming of up to 24 time phases. The transmitter can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall, and can also be operated without a router.

Surface-mounted wireless receiver

Connected Home surface-mounted wireless receiver

Bidirectional receiver for surface mounting. Easy to install and compatible with heating system components such as standard wireless transmitters or programmable wireless thermostats.

Plug-in wireless receiver

Connected Home plug-in wireless receiver

The bidirectional plug-in receiver is installed between the heater and the power socket and is particularly suitable for portable electric panel storage heaters. It can also be used for 230V standard lamps.

Open window detection standard and compact model

Connected Home open window detection standard and compact model

Detects when doors or windows are opened. Ideal for automated heating output reduction through networked thermostats and receivers. The switches are of course integrated into the DELTA DORE wireless alarm system. The compact model is also suitable

Smoke detector

Connected Home smoke detector

Detects smoke and sends a signal to open motor-operated roller shutters. Smoke detectors can be operated separately or as part of a networked alarm system. In conjunction with TYDOM 2.0 (optional), alert calls are sent automatically to up to 16 phone numbers.

Camera outdoor and indoor

Connected Home camera outdoor and indoor

For monitoring the area round your house from wherever you are – around the clock thanks to night vision function. Large horizontal and vertical camera angle, excellent full HD resolution and live streaming function. Secure encrypted communication prevents unauthorised access.

Alarm centre with siren indoor

Connected Home alarm centre with siren indoor

The alarm centre can be connected to up to 50 wireless peripherals to report burglary attempts via a siren, and to warn against smoke. The system is designed to monitor up to 8 separate zones.

Wireless motion detector with double lens

Connected Home wireless motion detector with double lens

The compact and unobtrusive installable motion detector has double lenses. The standard lens thus detects the presence of moving people, but not pets weighing less than 45 kg (depending on the type of coat and size). The movements of animals are registered using the replaceable pet lens. 

Wireless control unit with display

Connected Home wireless control unit with display

The control unit can activate or deactivate up to 8 separate alarm zones. The state of the alarm centre, such as in which zones the alarm is active or if windows or doors are open, can be read on the display of the control unit. It is also possible to control the week with a program with 6 intervals per day.

Multi-functional remote control

Connected Home multi-functional remote control

The remote control can be switched on and off using the alarm system's on/off buttons. The other buttons can be assigned freely, such as by opening the garage door or switching on the light in the entrance area.


ELKATHERM integrated thermostats


ELKATHERM integrated manual thermostat

With an integrated manual thermostat, you set the temperature by turning a dial knob. If the thermostat sensor detects that the temperature has dropped below the set level, the heater is switched on. The integrated thermostat is built into the side panel of the heater housing.


ELKATHERM integrated digital thermostat

With an integrated digital thermostat, the desired temperature and heating periods can be set by pressing a few buttons on a display. If the thermostat sensor detects that the temperature has dropped below the set level, the heater is switched on. The integrated thermostat is built into the side panel of the heater housing.


Group of room thermostats


ELKATHERM Alpha room thermostat

The thermostat has an individually configurable weekly program. The intuitive and language-neutral operation makes it possible to set an operation and vacation function, as well as a target/actual value correction using a rotary and push button mechanism. Another highlight is the Smart Start / Smart Stop technology. Based on the ambient conditions of the respective room, it recognises when it is necessary to provide or lower heat in order to regulate the feel-good temperature precisely at the desired time, using only as little energy as is needed. The thermostat looks impressive with its flat, simple and timeless design, as well as the generous LC display. The thermostat can be either surface-mounted or installed in flush-mounted boxes. 


ELKATHERM Icon room thermostat

The high-quality thermostat is operated via an elegant display made of glass-like material. The modern and clear design of this thermostat is reflected in its intuitive control and simple user interface. The thermostat works adaptively and learns to reach the desired room temperature at a specific time exactly. It works in complete silence. The thermostat has weekly programming, a frost protection function and an absence function. It is also equipped with seven pre-defined schedules and forecasting functions. The thermostat is available either as a flush or surface-mounted version and is operated via 230 V voltage. And if you do not want to do without a uniform appearance among your switches, the thermostat can be integrated into most standard ranges.


ELKATHERM Touch room thermostat

The high-quality thermostat is operated via a backlit 2-inch touch screen. A setup wizard supports configuration of the intuitive thermostat. It has a standard or individual timer program that allows you to define heating periods for the day and night hours. With adaptive control, the thermostat reaches the desired temperature at the given time. The thermostat detects open windows based on the falling room temperature and prevents overheating. There is also a quick access button for antifreeze and vacation function, which defers programming for a certain period of time. A consumption display and quick temperature input via code for multiple installations are further features that characterise the thermostat. The controller can be flush-mounted, can be combined with various switch ranges and, thanks to its patented compatibility, can be used with single and multiple frames.


ELKATHERM manual plug-in thermostat

These thermostats are plugged into the power socket and the electric heater. The desired temperature is set by turning the dial knob. If the temperature in the room drops below the set one, the plug-in thermostat switches on the heater. When the desired temperature is reached again, it switches of the heater.