We believe that electricity will be the energy of the future. By 2050, the share of electric power generated from renewable resources is to increase to 80 per cent. Electricity will thus become the most environmentally friendly form of energy. We want to contribute to this welcome development by manufacturing modern, high-quality electric heating systems that are highly efficient, enabling consumers to move away from fossil sources of energy.

Apart from our commitment to climate protection, we want to make sure that people are warm and cosy – at home and at the workplace. Heat generated by electric heaters is particularly comfortable, as these heaters do not only warm up the air around them, but any object in their vicinity. In comparison with conventional radiators, heat from electric heaters has only a minimum effect on air humidity and brings less dust into the air. To ensure that our customers benefit from all the advantages of modern electric heating technology, we develop and manufacture heaters that are not only of the highest quality and attractive, but also customisable.